Katie + Cody Engagement!

Third time is the charm! Trying to shoot in the tristate is always hard April-June for the fear of non-stop rain, pop up rain storms that come out of no where.. Although Katie and Cody were troopers and very paitent, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I really feel the wait was worth it, I really hope that you enjoy these as much as I do! _MG_7963_MG_8055_MG_8070_MG_8093_MG_8134_MG_8160_MG_8228_MG_8291_MG_8322

Emily + Kurt Engagment!

I can promise you two things by reading/looking at this post: It will make you smile at least once, and you will see a baby pig! I had an amazing time with Emily and Kurt on the farm, I hope you like these as much as I do!


Amanda + Tim

One word to say about Amanda and Tim’s big day…. Spectacular. From Amanda in her stunning dress, the marble covered chapel, to the insanely beautiful Allison Mansion! I will keep this post short and let the images say the rest. Amanda and Tim, I can’t thank you enough for giving us the opportunity of capturing your big day!


Welcome to the world baby Patrick!

With early welcome of Patrick, Melissa and Michael have such an amazing family in the making here. Baby Patrick already seems to have a laid back and easy going personality. He was wide-eyed and all smiles for his “date with a photographer” and refused to miss a minute of it by sleeping. We can’t be happier for your family and hope you enjoy these teasers._MG_2871_MG_2688_MG_2999_MG_3064_MG_2646_MG_3009_MG_2726_MG_3078_MG_2920

Shelby and Michael teasers!

Truly an amazing day with amazing people, I honestly can’t be happier that Shelby and Michael chose us to photograph their big day. Two people that look for all the good in life, with so much to give, and the willingness to do so. Thank you two so very much for giving us the honor and privelage of being there with you on your big day! Have a great time on your honeymoon and more images to come soon! _MG_2443_MG_2486 copy_MG_1415 copy

Taylor Senior portraits

The more and more senior portraits that I do the more and more that I love them. Taylor made this session so easy and fun, couldn’t ask for a better client. Tired of seeing the same old posses and sets for senior portraits, don’t want your senior portraits to look like all of your friends? Contact me at Drew@DrewRiedmanPhotography.com ! 4.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort024.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort094.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort144.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort264.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort244.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort394.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort404.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort414.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort474.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort504.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort444.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort454.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort284.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort374.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort304.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort104.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort124.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort154.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort054.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort034.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort214.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort134.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort354.29.17.Taylor.SeniorPort48

Anne and Brent are married!

Rain, Rain, Go Away.. The weather in Ohio can always be temperamental, to say the least. The week before Anne and Brent’s wedding I was watching it closely, and until Friday night, it wasn’t looking good. Although what an amazing day it turned out to be, someone was definitely looking out for us that day! The weather was almost as perfect as Anne and Brent themselves, truly two of the most caring and selfless people I have ever had the pleasure of photographing! Thank you so very much Anne and Brent, just a few teasers to hold you off until I finish the rest. Hope you enjoy!