Emily and Kurt’s Winter Wedding!

When taking a winter wedding you really never know what kind of weather you are going to get. Although when talking with Emily, the one thing that she was hoping for, was a bit of snow. Well mother nature did not disappoint! As with all winter weddings you have to have a bride/groom that are well suited to bear the cold. Emily, Kurt and their wedding parties were definitely up for the challenge! I honestly can’t thank you all enough for freezing for a bit of time and making the best out of it! We seriously have the best clients and have so much fun creating memories for you all! Thank you again Emily and Kurt for giving us the opportunity of photographing your big day. I really hope that you enjoy the teasers as much as I do!


Kasey and Cory Country Engagement Session!

Lets just say that the fourth time, not the third is the charm. Or was it that it was a bit of birthday luck?! Either way I can’t thank Kasey and Cory enough, one for their patience and complete trust in me. Two for giving me two amazing subjects and 1 incredible scenery to work with. What a photographers dream to be able to have these kind of fall colors with a couple that “is up for anything”. Thank you again Kasey and Cory for giving me the opportunity and pleasure of photographing your engagement session and I can’t wait for you big day!


Beth and Will Engagement Session

This session was a ton of fun and stress all at the same time, the stress had nothing to do with Beth or Will. Quite the opposite to be honest. As you may well notice from recent blog posts, weather is always on a photographers mind the later months in the year. Also knowing Beth and Will were driving 4+ hours to Cincinnati specifically for this session, there was no rescheduling. As I was keeping an eye on the weather the days prior to it wasn’t looking very good, at the same time it wasn’t all bad news. Until the day before, with 100% chance of rain, tornado and flood watches. Sounds like a perfect day to shoot an outdoor engagement session! HA. After talking with Will, we decided to move the session up a couple of hours. One to ensure that we had light to shoot and two in hopes that we could get the session in before mother nature took over. As arriving to the location (secret location) the skies were a bit dark on the  edges of the city, although just overcast above us. So we set off, soon as I got my light setup and ready to shoot it starts to sprinkle… Trying not to get too discouraged, I looked up at Beth and Will and they were both smiling and ready to go. Will said “it’s just a sprinkle, we are good”, shortly followed by Beth saying “yeah, even it rains we will play in it!” So we started shooting, and I kid you not, the rain stopped seconds later! I am so happy that we were able to finish out shoot, it was an absolute blast! I couldn’t be happier to have such amazing clients like Beth and Will. Thank you two for being amazing and I really hope that you enjoy your engagement images, and I am really looking forward to your big day!


Sawyer Family at Spring Grove

Anytime spent with the Sawyer family is an amzing time, they could easily be the nicest and sweetest family ever. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to know Reggie for a few years now, although getting to know Elizabeth and Roman has been amazing. Elizabeth and Reggie, thank you for giving me the pleasure of photogrpahing your family, and hope for many more to come. 10.26.17.Sawyer.Family1010.26.17.Sawyer.Family2310.26.17.Sawyer.Family2710.26.17.Sawyer.Family32

Holly and Jeremy Wedding Teasers

What an absolutely amazing day spent with incredible people. Like all couples planning their wedding day, Holly and Jeremy wanted to make their day memorable and special. Although not just for them but, their guests as well. Especially the Veterans and Service Members. After serving 4 years in the Navy, Holly was grateful and honored to be able have met some amazing people that she is able to call friends and wanted to pay a special tribute to them all. As they got to the reception she gave short memorable speech honoring them all with a round of applause from the crowd, thanking and honoring them. Followed by letting all the Veterans and Service Members dine before everyone, it was extremely heartfelt and amazing. Holly and Jeremy I am honored and thankful for having the pleasure of photographing your big day. Just a few teasers to hold you off until the rest are finished. Hope you enjoy!



Jennifer and Ryan Wedding Teasers!

I always like asking my brides and grooms a simple question: If there is one thing that you don’t want to happen on your wedding day, what would it be? I get a lot of different responses, some funny some very serious. Jennifer took no time in answering this “no rain”. Anytime that I get this answer I would love to be able with 100% certainty that “I can make that happen..” We all know this isn’t the case, or I would be one rich man! With the inevitability of rain happening I started to worry a little bit. Although come saturday the skies weren’t exactly clear, but it wasn’t raining. It was simply amazing, just like Jennifer and Ryan. One could not simply ask for better clients, the reserved nature and happy go lucky attitudes are fantastic. It has been said over the years that people that work hard, play hard as well. Those words are the epitome of Jennifer and Ryan, when emailing with Jennifer about planning details, I was astonished of how much both of them are involved in. At the same time, happily watching them let loose on their wedding day. Thank you two so very much for giving us the honor of photographing your big day! I hope you enjoy these few teasers and more to come soon!IMG_6352IMG_6462IMG_6479IMG_6501IMG_6623IMG_6647IMG_6768IMG_6785IMG_6794IMG_6801IMG_6831IMG_7022IMG_7044

Harper Family Portrait Session at Krippendorf Lodge!

Every year when I get the call/email from Susie I am always excited to photograph the Harpers. From the amazing planning of Susie to cooridinate the perfect outfit for each of them, to the amazing locations she chooses or wants to use. Not to mention how good looking the entire family is, that just make my job easier. Thank you again Susie and Keith, looking forward to the next session! IMG_4783IMG_4747IMG_2912IMG_2897IMG_2843IMG_2893IMG_2808IMG_2794IMG_2930