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Jennifer and Ryan Wedding Teasers!

I always like asking my brides and grooms a simple question: If there is one thing that you don’t want to happen on your wedding day, what would it be? I get a lot of different responses, some funny some very serious. Jennifer took no time in answering this “no rain”. Anytime that I get this answer I would love to be able with 100% certainty that “I can make that happen..” We all know this isn’t the case, or I would be one rich man! With the inevitability of rain happening I started to worry a little bit. Although come saturday the skies weren’t exactly clear, but it wasn’t raining. It was simply amazing, just like Jennifer and Ryan. One could not simply ask for better clients, the reserved nature and happy go lucky attitudes are fantastic. It has been said over the years that people that work hard, play hard as well. Those words are the epitome of Jennifer and Ryan, when emailing with Jennifer about planning details, I was astonished of how much both of them are involved in. At the same time, happily watching them let loose on their wedding day. Thank you two so very much for giving us the honor of photographing your big day! I hope you enjoy these few teasers and more to come soon!IMG_6352IMG_6462IMG_6479IMG_6501IMG_6623IMG_6647IMG_6768IMG_6785IMG_6794IMG_6801IMG_6831IMG_7022IMG_7044

Harper Family Portrait Session at Krippendorf Lodge!

Every year when I get the call/email from Susie I am always excited to photograph the Harpers. From the amazing planning of Susie to cooridinate the perfect outfit for each of them, to the amazing locations she chooses or wants to use. Not to mention how good looking the entire family is, that just make my job easier. Thank you again Susie and Keith, looking forward to the next session! IMG_4783IMG_4747IMG_2912IMG_2897IMG_2843IMG_2893IMG_2808IMG_2794IMG_2930

Brittany and Tyler Wedding Teasers!!

Happy one week anniversary Brittany and Tyler! What a wonderful day with amazing people and beautiful views/venues. Having photographed Brittany and Tyler in another wedding as well as family portraits I knew their big day was going to be special. They did not disappoint one bit. From the unmatched views of Devou Park, to the incredible venue of The New Riff Distillery. Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to photograph your big day! I hope you enjoy these few teasers, more to come soon!


Trinity’s Senior Portrait teasers!

One thing that I can guarantee my clients is that every session/wedding is going to be an adventure! I am an extremely passionate person, and when I have my cameras in my hands I am like a little kid at Christmas. This was absolutely true for Trinity’s senior portrait session, and she and her mother Misty were 100% ready for that adventure. They were great always up for everything, including a dirty downtown alley and dodging traffic! Now mind you I always ask and give my clients/parents the discretion on if we shoot the Roebeling shot with said traffic dodging. We talk it over and have a great game plan going into it, always sticking to the plan for maximum safety. Misty and Trinity were great and I can’t be happier with the results. Thank you again for the opportunity and adventure hope you enjoy the teasers more to come soon!  IMG_8572IMG_8298IMG_8328IMG_8244IMG_8597

Cody + Katie Wedding Teasers!!

When I sat down with Katie and her mother, little over a week before the wedding. I asked her one of my favorite questions, to ask a bride before their wedding.. “What is the one thing that you don’t want to happen on your wedding day?” I ask this question for a few reasons, one I really want to know the things they fear about their wedding day. Therefore if there is a chance that I foresee, or can help stop something from happening I want to try. When I asked this question Katie had no thinking or pause in any sense. There was an absolute answer, “No Rain” she said…. Now I have heard this answer before, what bride wants it to rain on there big day, no one. Although with hurricanes Harvey and Irma decimating the south with loads of rain to come, I cringed and simply asked “anything else?”. Low and behold what an absolutelty wonderful day we received, and what a day it was. A photographer couldn’t have asked for a better bride and groom, Cody and Katie are fantastic. Laid back, easy going, at the same time well scheduled and prompt. Anytime a bride brings a 3-ring binder to a meeting I know that we are going to get along! Thank you Cody and Katie for allowing us to be a part of your big day, here are just a few teasers until the rest are finished! IMG_6846IMG_5866-2IMG_6062IMG_5975IMG_6128IMG_6139IMG_6224IMG_6982IMG_7277IMG_7288IMG_6908IMG_6928IMG_6966IMG_6972

Steven proposed to Natalie in a Hot Air Balloon!!

So one day I get a call from Steven, a client that I have worked with in the past although for commercial work. As we exchange pleasantries, I notice he seems overly excited about something. Now not knowing him personally very well, I put that thought in the back of my head and continue to listen. He goes on to explain that Natalie (at the time his girlfriend) had expression some time before, that a perfect proposal for her would be in a hot air balloon. Come to find out, after hearing that Steven’s reaction was something less than awesome… I am pretty sure his words were something to the effect of, ” I am never getting in a hot air balloon!” We talked for a little while about how everything would work and where to meet. All the while, not knowing the aforementioned quote of ‘never getting in a hot air balloon’ the more we talked, the more I could really sense the excitement but a bigger sense of nervousness. On the other hand, I told Steven “absolutely sounds amazing” with a stomach full butterflies myself. I like Steven, and come to find out Natalie have never been in a hot air balloon before. I had no idea what to expect, so I asked around to other photographers, friends, and family. So the night before the flight, you have to call and make sure the weather will be clear enough. Friday the 18th I get a call from Steven at 9:15pm. A bit of a problem, the weather is incremental and will have to call back in the morning at 5am to check the updated forecast. Still sensing the excitement with a dash of nervousness, he says ” no worries, we’ll just have to adapt and overcome”. At 5:05am the next morning, I get another call “unfortunately the flight is canceled.” So we schedule 3 more contingency plans, for the following saturday and sunday. Friday night at 9pm, phones rings Steven “Flight is on, good to go”. The morning of Saturday the 26th was absolutely clear, maybe a little chilly about 55F. During the flight prep and actually setting up the balloon nervousness swam through the chilly morning air, although you could tell in an instance how much Steven and Natalie truly love one another. Would either of them attempt to go up in a hot air balloon with one another? I can’t answer that question, although I can tell you that there is nothing that they wouldn’t try together. I could see that from the first time we stepped out of the SUV and saw basket. They both looked right at each other with stunned eyes, and at the moment, you could feel a bit of tension release. Knowing that they had each other there in that moment for themselves. Steven reached out his arms and wrapped them around her swinging back and forth still gazing at the basket. The setup was quite intriguing, being able to assist in the assembly of the balloon was a great addition to the whole experience. Giving you the sense that you are not just a passenger, but a part of the journey. As the balloon filled up with air so did my stomach with knots. As the balloon lifted, so did the excitement and fear in everyone. Although it seemed to dissipate shortly after. It was absolutely serene, with the sun peaking over the trees and the deep blue sky of the early morning. I won’t try to fuddle my way through the magical nature of the flight with words, I will let my images do the speaking. I would like to leave you with two things. The most amazing thing from this experience wasn’t the balloon ride, it was indeed love. Steven has a love for Natalie that is so strong, that he was able to overcome his “fear” or willingness to ride in a hot air balloon at 2000ft. Always be pushing, always be moving forward be with someone that urges you to step out of your comfort zone._MG_9931_MG_9944_MG_9960_MG_9970_MG_0003_MG_9986_MG_0008_MG_0028_MG_0020_MG_0037_MG_0042_MG_0060_MG_0068_MG_0106_MG_0109_MG_0124_MG_0137_MG_0162_MG_0171_MG_0244_MG_0263_MG_0311_MG_0339_MG_0349_MG_0366

Katie + Cody Engagement!

Third time is the charm! Trying to shoot in the tristate is always hard April-June for the fear of non-stop rain, pop up rain storms that come out of no where.. Although Katie and Cody were troopers and very paitent, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I really feel the wait was worth it, I really hope that you enjoy these as much as I do! _MG_7963_MG_8055_MG_8070_MG_8093_MG_8134_MG_8160_MG_8228_MG_8291_MG_8322