Monthly Archives: January 2016


The story of how I met Liz and Matt is something out of a movie script.. One cold night I was out with two clients of mine photographing their engament session in Pyatt/Garfield Park. Out of the corner of my right eye I saw as group of girls walking from the apartments to the ┬ácenter of the park area. Not thinking much of it, other than “I really hope they don’t sit in my background”.. As I was setting up my lighting I see a gentlemen walking towards the girls from the other side of the park, and immediately all but one of the girls stopped walking and started to reach in their purses/pockets for their phones. At that moment I knew something was up, so I turned to my clients and smiled and asked “do you mind to take a 2 min break?” Both of them looked at me curiously and said “absolutely no problem!” Mary, the client of mine, looked at me with a huge smile and asked “IS HE GOING TO….?!?! GO GO… you have to capture that!” I then frantically started to change my lens and settings just as Matt started to drop to one knee. Trying not to seem too much like a creeper I kept a safe distance and clicked away as the magic happened. As you all know the answer to the question was a resounding yes followd by a couple tears a kiss and a huge hug. After they met up with their friends, I “kindly” chased them down to give them my business card explaining what I do and I was lucky enough to capture their moment, and if they would like I would be happy to provide them the images for them. It was truly a magical moment as as their big day. I am so very happy that fate or luck brought us both to the same location at the same time. Liz and Matt are two exceptional people and can’t thank you enought for giving me the honor to be there for your biggest moments.


Megan+Michael Wedding

From the first frame that I captured of Megan and Michael on the railroad tracks, just outside of her grandfathers campground, I knew their wedding was going to be spectacular. And was it ever, the weather was perfect and the ceremony was beautiful, although it didn’t hold a candle to Megan in her elegant beauty and stunning dress. I can’t thank you enough Megan and Michael for allowing me the privilege of capturing your big day!