Monthly Archives: February 2016

Kendra and Logan

Just wanted to share a few images from an amazing time photographing Kendra and Logan. Being January in the country side of Indiana, one would assume snow and brisk temperatures. Not the 55 degree “winter” day that we received. Kendra and Logan are amazing, fearless really, from balancing on logs to reach a wood pile over a large mud and water puddle. (Where Logan almost went face first, although he recovered nicely without a speck on him) Followed by a 4-wheeler ride (or ‘quad’ if your from IN) through a field. This is where some people, and understandably so, might be inclined to say “no” to laying down/sitting on the only patch of grass and tall weeds in the middle of a bean field.  “No problem” they said, it was perfect, those are the times I start to smile like a 5 year old on christmas.