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1st birthday for Lillie

Such an amaizing little girl lily is, easily one of the easiest children that I have had the pleaesure of working with. It always helps when her mother is a great decorator and party planner! Thank you again Javonna and Rademous for letting me be a part of a special day. 1.7.17.Lily.1yr0031.7.17.Lily.1yr0121.7.17.Lily.1yr0191.7.17.Lily.1yr0301.7.17.Lily.1yr0361.7.17.Lily.1yr0371.7.17.Lily.1yr0411.7.17.Lily.1yr0461.7.17.Lily.1yr0521.7.17.Lily.1yr0571.7.17.Lily.1yr0671.7.17.Lily.1yr0791.7.17.Lily.1yr0831.7.17.Lily.1yr0841.7.17.Lily.1yr0891.7.17.Lily.1yr0951.7.17.Lily.1yr1011.7.17.Lily.1yr1101.7.17.Lily.1yr1241.7.17.Lily.1yr1271.7.17.Lily.1yr130

Rochelle + Derek New Year’s Eve Wedding


Let me tell you about how amazing New Year’s Eve was this past year. It all started with a message from Derek, at this time, I knew him mostly as my younger brother’s friend. Although growing up in a small town, you basically know everyone even if just through proxy. Meeting Rochelle for the first time,  I was instantly sold that this wedding was going to be great. It was one of those weddings where everything they said was music to my ears. From giving us plenty of time in between the ceremony and reception, to saying that her favorite images are those with “funky and dingy” buildings and different backgrounds. I could almost instantly feel my smile growing, I couldn’t see it, but I imagine it was like a 5 year old boy looking at his first bike on christmas morning. Then came the wedding day, it was absolutely perfect in every way….. well almost, if a certain football team would have done better, but this isn’t a sports blog.. From getting ready at Walhill Farm to the beautiful ceremony at St. Michael’s. We made a quick stop at Derek’s grandmother’s house, she was unable to make it to the church. It was truly touching, seeing the smile on her face when they walked through the door, you could feel the pride and sheer love radiating off of her cheeks. Followed by a stroll through Brookville for some portraits at key spots. I can’t say how cold Rochelle was but you can see how beautiful she looks. I always tell my clients, “you always have veto power at any moment if you don’t want to stand here or sit here.” Rochelle shrugged that off like there was no chance that was happening, and that 5 year old’s smile came across my face once again. After, our town portraits we made a quick stop at Rochelle’s grandparent’s house for a few more, and Rochelle said another phrase that every photographer wants to hear. “Do you mind if we stay here a bit longer”…..”Of course” I exclaimed! The reception at Walhill Farms was beautiful, so simply eloquently decorated, to bring in the New Year with class, with DJ Butler’s keeping the dance floor full all night. Rochelle and Derek I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity and pleasure of capturing your big day! I hope that you enjoy these teasers as much as I do!


Hair and Makeup by Chara Peña

It was a pleasure working with Nathan Moore