Monthly Archives: March 2017

Eckstien Family!

It’s always an adventure and a great time with this bunch, and I wouldn’t wnat it any other way. We started out by taking a little ride through the winding back roads of southern IN, in the Duece and a Half. Followed up by a trip over the creek, finally to find a amazing little spot by the creek and a rushing waterfall. Couldn’t have asked for a better spot, or better people. Thank you again Heather, Joe and kids, I am always happy/honored to take an adventure with you all! Hope you enjoy, until next time! 3.12.17.Foley.Family013.12.17.Foley.Family073.12.17.Foley.Family093.12.17.Foley.Family123.12.17.Foley.Family153.12.17.Foley.Family193.12.17.Foley.Family23

Brittany + Tyler

Seriously, Brittany and Tyler are what every photographer wants in a couple! I asked them during our first session, “If you get cold and want to take a break, or stop for the day, just let me know” as I was layed with two shirts and a jacket.. They shrugged it off like it wasn’t even a thought, replying with a collective “Oh no we are good, it was colder last weekend for the family session”. Litterally every time I would ask them to do somehting, “ok no problem, we trust you”. I seriously can’t wait until our night session, going to be some amazing images, not to mention your wedding! Good times to come, hope you enjoy your first set of images! 3.18.17.Brittany.Tyler.Engagement123.18.17.Brittany.Tyler.Engagement163.18.17.Brittany.Tyler.Engagement033.18.17.Brittany.Tyler.Engagement073.18.17.Brittany.Tyler.Engagement143.18.17.Brittany.Tyler.Engagement193.18.17.Brittany.Tyler.Engagement203.18.17.Brittany.Tyler.Engagement24