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Emily + Kurt Engagment!

I can promise you two things by reading/looking at this post: It will make you smile at least once, and you will see a baby pig! I had an amazing time with Emily and Kurt on the farm, I hope you like these as much as I do!


Eckstien Family!

It’s always an adventure and a great time with this bunch, and I wouldn’t wnat it any other way. We started out by taking a little ride through the winding back roads of southern IN, in the Duece and a Half. Followed up by a trip over the creek, finally to find a amazing little spot by the creek and a rushing waterfall. Couldn’t have asked for a better spot, or better people. Thank you again Heather, Joe and kids, I am always happy/honored to take an adventure with you all! Hope you enjoy, until next time! 3.12.17.Foley.Family013.12.17.Foley.Family073.12.17.Foley.Family093.12.17.Foley.Family123.12.17.Foley.Family153.12.17.Foley.Family193.12.17.Foley.Family23

Wedding Season is Upon Us!

IMG_0816 copywIf you are getting married or maybe you are a maid of honor or brides maid here is a simple tip to make the day easier and more fluid. There are many ways to make the day more memorable and fun for everyone, I just wanted to talk about a small tip that can make a big difference in the overall fluidity of the day. Formal family Portraits, this time spent directly after the ceremony, in most cases, can really have an impact on your day in a good way or a negative way. Over the years I have developed a simple way to speed up the process and make it easier for everyone, from the bride and groom to the photographer and especially the grandparents/little ones. The process is very simple, it all starts by making a compiled list of all the family that you would like in your images. Next is to arrange the images from the biggest group first of one family. From there the next image would be to simply remove people from that image, instead of re-grouping and adding a completely new group of people. This way the photographer doesn’t have to re-align anyone, everyone is already in place and may just need to slide in together a little more. You would repeat this until you are left with the Bride/Groom/Mother/Father. From there you can finish off any images of that side of the family that is needed, i.e. Bride/Grandparents, or Bride/Father etc.. After those are finished that side of the family would be finished except for Mother/Father if you are wanting an image of both sets of parents with the Bride/Groom. Doing the same with the other side of the family would be next and last the entire wedding party, seeing how they will most likely be going in the same vehicle as the bride and groom anyway its only fitting to get all the others out-of-the-way first. I have found that the best practice is to type this list out and email it to all parties involved so that they know that they will need to stay after the ceremony for images, as well as having their spouses and kids with them. I hope this helps, if you have any questions about your wedding or planning there of please let me know, and I will try and answer them the best that I can. Have a great weekend!

Family Portraits

IMG_0869 copyIMG_7395

We are now offering mini (30 mins) and (1 hour) Family/Children portraits sessions! Mini portrait Sessions start at $75 and Full Portrait Sessions start at $125. They include unlimited images taken during the session, 1 Month of online Proofing, Edited images on a flash drive with the rights to print them, and a FREE 8×10 or 2 5×7 (print credit on online proofing website). Book your Family or Kid portrait session today!